Giving Back

Today we’re talking all about giving back to others. I cannot wait to read what everyone writes about because I love finding new ways to give back!Last year I talked about three organizations I have donated to in the past that I think are great! You can read the entire post, hereThrough Compassion International, I still give monthly to support my sponsor child, Elki. Through this organization, we are able to write letters back in forth and stay updated on his life all the way from Peru!  I’m able to buy him birthday gifts, spread the love at Christmas, and support his family financially and in prayer if a need arises. I love knowing that the word of God is reaching him and his family.Another way I love serving people is through food. When the first couple in our small group had their sweet babe, I made them taco soup. I made a double batch of my recipe, (here) and paired it with cheese and chips. It’s easy to freeze if there are leftovers and it was great to make the night before without a ton of prep work. It also has become my staple because every single time a person has a baby, taco soup is coming their way! 🙂

I really feel like time is another powerful way to give back. I know every season doesn’t lend itself as much as others, but as of right now I am able to give just that! 🙂 I volunteer two to three Sundays a month at our church, and try to be involved in school when I can. I think the value of giving back and volunteering was definitely instilled in me as a younger child and I cannot express how thankful I am for it. What are some organizations or ways that you give back to those around you?

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