Friday Favorites + Blueberry Yogurt Pops

I love Fridays. So much. Here’s to the weekend and my favorites with Erika, Narci, and Andrea!


Here’s the deal. You know that pen/pencil/marker that you just love writing with? The one you always reach for and would be so sad if they ran out? These are my favorite! I used them during student teaching a few years ago and fell in love. Well, they just ran out. With such a small price tag and so much excitement, these showed up on my doorstep this week. Completely random? Yes. Totally worth it when I have a million lists to write? Absolutely! 🙂 You can get a pack of five, here!



 I’ve been shopping for wedding and baby gifts like it’s my job. So much happiness to indulge in! The last five gifts have been delivered to my doorstep and I love it. So thankful for free shipping! 😉 Check them all out because I can’t be the only one in the midst of wedding and baby season!


Scale_largeLast weekend we stumbled upon this store that is awesome! They have such unique pieces and Eric and I both wanted to buy all of it!


The other night I was flipping through the Dessert of the Day book from Williams Sonoma that is always on our coffee table. The recipes and pictures are wonderful and having a seasonal dessert for every day of the year is so fun!

Blueberry Yogurt Pops Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comIt has been H-O-T here! What should I do with an overwhelming amount of blueberries? Make them into popsicles of course! 😉 The creaminess of the yogurt and fresh blueberry taste creates a punch in your mouth that is refreshing for any summer day, stifling hot or not! 😉 Blueberry Yogurt Pops Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comBlueberry Yogurt Pops Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comBlueberry Yogurt Pops Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comBlueberry Yogurt Pops Recipe at:


  • 1 cup Siggi’s Vanilla yogurt
  • 1/2 cup blueberries

*Makes four popsicles.*

What to do: 

In a medium-sized bowl, mix the yogurt and blueberries with a spoon. Once combined, spoon into the popsicle molds. When each popsicle holder is filled, carefully tap the holder to eliminate air bubbles and space. Place in the freezer for at least four hours or until frozen.

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Happy Friday! xoxox

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Essential Oils + Giveaway

I’ve known Abby since… forever?! We grew up going to the same church and reconnected years later when Eric and I were house hunting! She is married to her high school sweetheart, has three beautiful children and is a great real estate agent! Her love for essential oils is so genuine! She loves them and has convinced me to try a few myself! 😉 She contacted me a few months ago about writing a post regarding oils and it took me about 0.34 seconds to say yes! 😉 I’m letting her have the spotlight today because she knows ten times more about essential oils than I do at this point and has some helpful tips to share! I had been hearing about essential oils for about a year before I decided to find out first hand for myself what these oils were all about. I had some friends who were using thieves oil, for immunity, on the bottom of their kids feet before bed. It sounded kind of strange, but I was interested and decided that I needed to get some of this thieves oil for my family to try out during cold and flu season. After some consideration and research (and never having tried even one of these oils before) I decided to jump in and get the Young Living Premium Starter Kit that has 11 of the most popular oils, diffuser etc. Clare, my enroller, got me hooked up with a bunch of resources, and I suddenly had this huge network of ladies — the Happy Oilers (seriously the best group of encouragers and ladies with so much heart) to share ideas with, ask questions, learn from and experience oils with!When I got the kit I thought I might use a couple of the oils. I even originally gave the lavender oil away thinking I wouldn’t use it. What was I thinking?! Lavender makes everything better, it’s a pretty amazing oil! Long story short, within about a month I was using all 11 oils, plus several more and was so excited about what they were doing for my family and myself. I began to read more and more about how these oils work within our bodies and how they support all of our systems. I was amazed! As many of you probably are as well, I was tired of toxins filling my house and excited to have these oils replace other products. A switch soon happened in my household. I started going to these oils first before my medicine cabinet and the results were pretty astounding. Young Living not only offers essential oils but also all kinds of health, beauty, personal care and cleaning products – all of which are completely 100% pure with none of that bad stuff — yes please! I used to go through so much Advil and since starting my oil journey I can count on one hand home many times I’ve used it! I’ve switched out so many of my traditional products with my oily products, most of which actually work better than what I had used before! These days I’m an oil lover learning and sharing as I go!

What are Essential Oils?

  • Essential oil is the “lifeblood” of a plant. The oil protects the plant from disease, provides nutrients and helps to fight off anything it doesn’t want. It keeps the plant (or tree, fruit, bark, root, etc.) healthy and functioning at its best!
  • Essential Oils were mankind’s first medicine! Because really, since God created plants in the beginning of time, oils have been used for health and anointing all throughout Scripture. Today, they are still used to promote health in the body (physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.)
  • Essential oils are very complex containing hundreds or thousands of different chemical compounds; this is what gives each oil its unique attributes and characteristics. They are quickly absorbed by the body when applied topically.
  • The oils work on every system in the body on a cellular level to assist in the elimination of toxins, and the fragrance of the oils works on the limbic system.

Ladies, our skin is our largest organ! Did you know that what we put on our skin is actually absorbed into our blood stream in less than 30 seconds? I honestly had no idea!   Seriously, friends… they are impressive little blessings in bottles!We’re giving away one of my favorite oils for you to try it for yourself! The lemon essential oil invigorates the mind and body by supporting the nervous system, it cleans your bodily systems, supports proper nasal function, and supports healthy respiratory function.

We use Lemon Vitality to flavor and enhance water, and it’s a perfect replacement for lemon juice or seasoning to flavor seafood, vegetables, beverages or desserts. But more than just a replacement, it brings even more benefits to your body.

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I’d love to chat more! Feel free to e-mail me with any comments or questions at:!

*This giveaway runs until next Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.*

Happy Wednesday! xo

Salmon + Yogurt Dill Sauce

Salmon with yogurt dill sauce Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comSalmon with yogurt dill sauce Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comAt first, I was intimidated by a fish that normally comes with a large price tag. How can I cook this at home? Surprisingly, it is painless! I have a deep love for salmon. The way it can be combined and garnished with a variety of flavors makes it exciting and enticing to try out new recipes. The health benefits are an added bonus with each bite! Salmon = A+!Salmon with yogurt dill sauce Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comSalmon with yogurt dill sauce Recipe at:


  • One Pound Wild Caught Salmon
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: to drizzle


  • 1 Cup Plain Yogurt
  • About 5 Sprigs of Dill
  • 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

What to do: 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a deep dish pan with foil. Place salmon in the pan and lightly drizzle with EVOO. Fold the foil to cover the salmon and bake for about 35 minutes or until cooked through. Remove from oven. Top with sauce and garnish with dill.


Friday Favorites + Ginger Mule

It’s Friday! Although my weeks are a much, much slower pace than the school year, there is still something about the weekend and I love it! As always, I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share my favorites things from this week!


We got these {rooster, pig} hand towels as a wedding gift. They have grown to become two of my favorite hand towels. They are super soft and absorbent. I love having them displayed. 🙂

Two.Our one anniversary is this Sunday. Ah! I love him ten times more now than I did a year ago. 🙂


{Check out this drink. I’m kind of, sort of, obsessed with it.}

Ginger Mule Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comGinger Mule Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comI was convinced I didn’t like gin. I told Eric he could make his own concoctions and I’d settle on wine. I was so wrong. All it took was one sip of his drink because I wanted to venture out for 0.2024 seconds, and I found myself stealing two, then three sips. He finally looked at me and smiled as he got up to make me one. A ginger mule….what?! It’s the cousin of a Moscow mule; Similar, yet different and ever so tasty and refreshing. See for yourself!Ginger Mule Recipe at: Ginger Mule Recipe at:


    • 2 oz. Gin
    • Ginger Beer
    • 10 Mint Leaves (plus an extra sprig for garnish)
    • 1 oz. Lime Juice
    • Ice

What to do:

Pour the lime juice into a shaker and add mint leaves. Muddle the mint leaves in the lime juice. Add gin and top shaker with ice. Shake for about 20 seconds. Strain into a highball glass with additional ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish with the remaining mint. Relax, sip, and enjoy!

Ginger Mule Recipe at:

Check out all these fun cocktail shakers and mugs to put them in. You can use any glass or mug but these would make it extra fun for a party or just to have on hand. 🙂


I always get excited about a giveaway and next week is no different! Be sure to check back and see what’s in store! 😉 It’s great for you, smells amazing, and has endless possibilities! Any guesses as to what you think it might be?!


Yesterday I took a run outside and used an arm band to hold my phone and play music. I haven’t used it in almost a year because I like running inside on the treadmill and set my phone there. But for running outside,this was definitely a game changer and allowed me to focus on running, rather than making sure I don’t drop my phone. I got mine a few years ago but here are some similar ones that I love!

 *Pssstt! You know how I talked about this tunic last week? It’s on sale and I’ve worn it twice this week because I love it so much. Shh! Don’t judge.* 😉

Happy Friday beauties!

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Deserted Island + Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comStrawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comA strawberry banana smoothie is obviously necessary if I’m going to be stranded on a deserted island right?! 😉 This smoothie is such an oldie but a goodie that I have made for over ten years now and it deserved to be in the spotlight. It’s refreshing and perfect for these summer days!
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comStrawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe at:


  • 1/2 cup strawberries (I leave the greens on)
  • 2 bananas (peeled)
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 5 ice cubes
  • 1 Tbsp ground flax seed
  • 1 Tbsp chia seed

What to do:

Put all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth and serve! It really is that easy! 😉

*Makes two servings*


Stranded WithI realized as I was sipping my smoothie, that three famous people I would want to be stranded on an island with are similar people to who I would invite on a talk show. I guess I just really love these people and I’m totally fine with that! 😉 An author, actress and designer? Please and thank you! And Shay and Erika of course. 🙂shauna-niequistReese Witherspoon launches her new Southern-inspired lifestyle brand Draper James fashion line.o

Shauna Niequist: I know I’ve talked about her over and over again and you’re probably sick of it but her insight when we’re stranded on an island would be a must. She’s insightful, witty, and has faith that is so inspiring. Plus, she loves good food. 😉

Reese Witherspoon: How could I not choose her? She’s fun, talented and I feel like it would be a blast to have her along on a deserted island. I would definitely want her there!

Joanna Gaines: How she runs a business, has four kids, and is in that good of shape is what I am dying to know. I want to learn all about her faith, family, and decorative tips and tuck all those words in my back pocket for when I’m off the island.

All six of us on one island sounds SO fun, minus the being deserted part. 😉

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Happy Wednesday ladies! xoxo