Show & Tell: Steal or Splurge?

As I was thinking about what Eric and I save on and what we splurge on, a lot of things ended up being in the same category. Here’s what I mean… One. We don’t buy our coffee. We always make our coffee at home and take it to-go. We save a lot of money that way! But, then again…

When we go out for coffee, we spend $15 on one cup because coffee is worth the splurge.

Two. We cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home almost every single day for a few reasons. We both really, really enjoy cooking. It lets us know what is going into our food. We can prepare it exactly the way we like it. It saves us a TON of money, It’s a win all around. But then again…
When we go out to dinner, we go all out with every single course and don’t feel the least bit bad about it!

Like this meal… 🙂

Three. Investing in traveling is without a doubt an amazing experience. We don’t do it a ton but we are extremely blessed to have already traveled the places we have and go big on them when we do. Splurge on this one, ladies!
Santorini, Greece
Florence, ItalyMaroon Bells, ColoradoPunta Cana, Dominican Republic.

To some these may not be steals or splurges, but it works for us and we love it. 🙂 What’s on your list?