Best Recipes

We got back from Italy late Saturday night after 11 days of unplugging and exploring, and I think it was just what we needed! It was an incredible trip and I can’t wait to recap it for all of you! (Once I’m caught up on laundry and not quite as jet-lagged). ;)You can see a sneak peak of pictures, here!  Needless to say, because of that, it’s been a little quiet around here and a part of me definitely missed all of you!

Today I’m linking up with Andrea to share my best (and favorite!) recipes. I picked my top five favorite things to make whether it be a snack, main dish, or dessert! I can’t wait to read all the other blogs for ideas because I’m always looking for new recipes! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Holy Guacamole Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comMy Guacamole
My mouth is watering just thinking of this roast. Plus, it involves the Crock-pot. 🙂
My Veggie Detox Bowl. We have this at least once a week!My Lemon Butter Salmon.

It’s simple, healthy, and delicious!

My Homemade Lemon Larabars .

This is by faaaaaar my most pinned recipe and I completely understand why! I love it just as much as all of you!

I thought I would throw in some of my favorite things to use in the kitchen and you can check out the post below for more ideas!

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets