Bucket List Recap

Alright, the plan for today was to tell things I’ve crossed off my bucket list. However, I don’t totally have one put together. (I never really have). That being said, I thought I would spend today going over a belated update on my summer bucket list and what I did and didn’t fulfill. Sit back, relax, and switch back into summer mode for a second! 🙂

Let’s recap the list…

  1. Read at least 10 books. This didn’t happen. I did read a lot this summer (or more than normal) but not ten. 🙁
  2. Get outside. We were outside A TON and I loved every second of it. Whether it was going for a walk, or heading to the pool, it was a beautiful summer spent outside. 
  3. Work out 4 times a week. It happened…even though I was more into some days than others. 😉 
  4. Write snail mail. Mission accomplished. 🙂 Sending little notes through the mail never gets old!
  5. Give skin time to breathe. Yes, yes, yes! I think I went most days without any make-up and it felt so nice!
  6. Sunscreen. Did I wear it? All the time, actually. 🙂
  7. Print out wedding pictures. Major fail. What is my deal?! What are you recommendations? Do you own a wedding album? Did you print out individual pictures? What sites are your favorite? 
  8. Try a new coffee shop. I’m counting Italy, so yes I did this and I loved every second of it! 
  9. Visit family during the week and throughout the day. Yes. 🙂 
  10.  Clean out closets. Check, check, check! 

It was one of the best summer’s and definitely one I won’t forget! Now it’s time to switch back into fall mode and see what other people add to their bucket lists to gain ideas! Happy Tuesday! xo