My Phone






I have no idea where Monday went but here we are at Tuesday! We’re talking all about apps on our phone. I’m so excited to see everyone’s suggestions because I’m always far, far behind on apps!
Wunderlist is definitely one of my most helpful apps.  It’s a simple task management tool. It can be used across loads of devices meaning you can use it at your desktop or mobile when you are out. You can also share your lists, which I love! Since there are about three main places I go grocery shopping (Giant, Costco, our local meat store), I always have three lists going. I can “check” it off right on my phone. Eric and I also share a lot of lists that we can both add things to. I use it at school for my to-do lists and at home. Check it out for sure!

I use the Bible app for devotions at times. I go through spurts of doing a series for a few days, a week, or a month on here. It’s a great app. And again, you can also invite people to see plans you complete or are reading, etc. Eric and I both share our plans together. This app is another source of inspiration as part of my devotions. I like to switch things up and some days this is perfect. 🙂

This last app is just flat-out fun! Marco Polo is a video walkie-talkie. I keep in touch with a handful of college friends that live out-of-state or that I don’t get to see often.

Happy Tuesday friends! 🙂