Mother’s Day Fiesta


Last year, we invited our Grandparents, Mom’s, Dad’s and sisters over for Mother’s Day. Theme and all. It was a Mother’s Day Fiesta and boy oh boy, was it fun to plan! We went heavy on food as the main focus (why not, right?!) and let the rest unfold as the day went on. We had margaritas, cornhole, and a lot of sunshine. We didn’t have many decorations. We kept it simple with flowers and a chalkboard that had the words, “Mother’s Day Fiesta”. A cute little banner drawing was right by it’s side as well. However, if we were to throw this party again, (and I really hope we do!) I would add some more decorations for an added touch.

I have loved so many showers, birthdays, weddings, etc. that I have gone to/thrown but it was impossible to capture all of them in just one post. 😉 Happy Tuesday and I hope you are a little inspired (and reminded) that Mother’s Day is just around the corner! xo