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How is school right around the corner?! Seriously! This summer is flying by in so many different ways but also providing the best pace throughout each day. As a teacher, I’ve already started to think about a million things that this next school year holds. My classroom was basically ready before I left for the summer but I still have more tweaking and revising of lessons from last year that will take place over the next few weeks. If you ask any of my students, they would definitely tell you I’m a little over the top organized in my classroom. 😉 Here is such a random collection of things I treasure during any school day.


  • A bag to carry a laptop, pens, paper to be graded and whatnot is perfect to carry to and from school!
  • Cardigans– The temperature changes in my classroom a lot throughout the day! Even on a 90 degree day, I always try to have one on hand because inside it can be freezing!
  • Flats– Teachers spend A LOT of time on their feet during their day. Sometimes I start the day in heels and end it in flats. It’s always nice to have a pair on hand in case my feet hurt more than expected.
  • Lint roller– There’s nothing like getting to school, thinking your black sweater and dark pants were in tip-top shape, only to find out that I look like I just rolled around on dryer sheet. This has saved me of that so many times. 😉 Luckily I get there super early so I only pass a few people who get to witness the “pre-lint rolled” look!
  • Marker pens- I talked all about them, here!
  • Black pants- A classic teacher look that is perfect to mix and match.
  • Alex and Ani bracelets- On those mornings when it takes me a little longer to wake up and feel put together, I through these on. So simple and such a fun, personalized accessory.
  • Travel Mug- To hold my morning coffee on my long-ish commute.
  • K Cups- Because a second cup in the afternoon is good for the soul! 😉
  • Camelbak– I drink a lot of water. A lot. One of the things I get the most excited about in the summer is being able to drink as much water as I want and being able to go to the bathroom since during the school year i have a classroom of kids I can’t exactly leave. Filling this up a few times during the day, keeps water cold and lasts all morning and then afternoon.
  • Hand sanitizer -Self explanatory. 😉
  • Clorox Wipes– To clean tables, desks, or any surface and to keep the room smelling fresh. I do this about once a week and I’m pretty sure the kids look forward to it. I always have a ton of volunteers asking if they can help! 😉
  • Vaseline– You probably already know my love for vaseline. It’s in at least three different places in our house and it must definitely has a home right on my desk at school. You can see all of my other posts about vaseline below:
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  • Medicine Cabinet Items
  • Lotion– During the dry winter months, or really anytime of the year, this is so nice to have on hand and in the classroom!

Wondering what to get a teacher for back to school or any time of the year? Look no further than here! 😉letstalk

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