Let’s Talk: Summer Plans + Winner!

letstalkAndrea, Erika, and I are talking all about summer plans which is convenient since summer break starts in 3 days! THREE DAYS PEOPLE! 🙂 Summer is my favorite season and I am so excited for this particular summer! This summer includes vacations and a lot of time spent with the ones we love. We are headed to Colorado in just a few short days to see everything it has to offer and visit my family all in one. We plan on hiking, biking, going to wineries, kayaking, and taking it all in. We celebrate our one year anniversary and will most likely reminisce about our wedding day at least ten times.

I’ll be tutoring and babysitting one day a week which leaves a lot of free time that I am SO thankful for. I plan on spending time outside, by the pool, a beach trip here or there, and a lot of cooking and baking. What types of recipes do you want to see?! I plan on catching up on the never-ending list of things I’ve put off during the school year and catching up on a lot of sleep in the mix of it all! 🙂 I’m wholeheartedly ready for you, summer!

Head over here to see who the winner of the $50 PinkBlush Gift Card is! Thank you to everyone who entered! I loved reading all of your sweet comments! 🙂

Need something quick and easy to take to a picnic today?

My Summer Quinoa Salad!

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