Let’s Talk…Hair and Make-up

letstalkToday I’m talking all about hair and make-up with Andrea and Erika! I did a similar post a few months ago on both of these topics. I still use similar products but have updated some things here and there. 🙂
Hair21. Shampoo/Conditioner– I’ve mentioned that I like to keep about two to three shampoos and conditioners in the shower and switch it up throughout the week. I always have L’Oreal’s shampoo and conditioner on hand since it’s sulfate-free and keeps my highlights bright and blonde. I have been slowly trying to switch my hair and make-up routine to products that don’t have many harmful chemicals in them. Which brings me to these products!2016-04-24_0001Acure Shampoo//Acure Conditioner//Acure Argan Oil//Acure Leave-in Conditioner

Has anyone tried Acure’s products? They have hardly any toxic chemicals in them and have gotten great reviews!

2.12 Benefits Spray–  I’m still a fan of 12 Benefits spray! After washing my hair, I spray about 2 to 3 squirts onto my hair before combing. It helps with smoothing out my hair and knotting. Blonde hair is not forgiving with knots.

3. Hairdryer– I love this hairdryer so much! After several years, it still has so much power and is definitely worth the purchase!

4. Curling Iron– This is by far one of my favorite tools. 🙂 It’s my most-used go-to product. I still use the one inch barrel and absolutely love it!

5. Straightener– I feel like I straighten my hair less and less these days. But when I do, this straightener works like a gem!

6. Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide– I use this before blow-drying my hair if it is feeling extremely dull. For me, I learned that the secret is to only use this during the winter months or when I am straightening my hair. Otherwise, it weighs down my curls and they tend to fall out.

I squirt about two pumps into my hands, rub together, and start on my ends and work my way up. If my hair is recently cut or feeling healthy, I use one pump and gently add it to only the ends of my hair. Such a great product overall!

7. Garnier Hairspray– I feel like my hair has needed some more taming lately and this does the trick. I love it!

8. Kenra Hairspray– This hairspray gives a slightly tighter hold and smells like heaven! Seriously. It smells amazing and holds your look in place all day long.

Make-upI always put face moisturizer on right after the shower to get my face moisturized and hydrated. Before starting my routine, I have been putting liquid foundation on and then using the products below.

1. Foundation– This powder foundation feels and looks so natural but also evens out my face and covers up any blemishes. I love, love, love it!

2. Faux Tan– It always feels good to add a little color to my face. This shade works perfect with my skin tone and gives me that little boost.

3.  Buxom Lashliner– This eyeliner works so well and goes on extremely smooth! It stays on all day long and lasts several months. I also love this eyeliner for a more defined look!

4. Mascara– I have been using this mascara for years and don’t plan on switching any time soon! It stays on all day long, and doesn’t smudge or flake. It is without a doubt, worth every penny!

5. Mineral Veil– If you don’t have this in your make-up bag, you need to go buy it! It honestly holds everything in place all day long! It goes on after all of your make-up is complete and gives you such a subtle glow. It’s amazing!

6. NARS Lips: Color 1Color 2– Every girl needs a little pop of color and lately, these two colors keep doing the trick for any and all seasons. 🙂

7. A little shine over lipstick goes a long way! 😉 


That’s all the hair and make-up tips I have, ladies! Have a great Monday! 🙂

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