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July 2017

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What we’re eating this week:My salmon with a yogurt dill sauce and I’ve been adding collagen peptides to all my smoothies lately!

What I’m reminiscing about:Our trip to Capri, Tuscany, and Florence! Although it’s nice to be back, getting into the swing of things after 11 days of being away is never easy. Phew!

What I’m loving:We have been adding some fun touches to our home. I can’t wait to show you so soon! 

What we’ve been up to:

I’m already prepping to head back to school. Otherwise, soaking up all things summer!

What I’m dreading:

A little less sleep.

What I’m working on:

I just told Eric the other day how I feel behind on Christmas shopping and he laughed. Understandably so. 😉 Last year at this time I was almost done Christmas shopping and it was so fun to have it done before the season starts. I listed some of my favorites (and in a very random) assortment in a list below that you can stock up on now! Like these pajamas! 

SlippersBlanketMoscow Mule MugsFoundationColorConcealEyelinerMascara , Lips, Face moisturizer

What I’m excited about:

My sister and I are headed to the spa today and I am SO ready!

What I’m watching/reading:

Hallmark’s Christmas in July. 🙂

I listed some books I’ve loved browsing lately, here. Right now I’m reading Food Babe and love it! You can buy it here!

What I’m listening to:The “Love Songs” station on Pandora. 

What I’m wearing:

Sundresses galore. They’re so easy! Like this one. 

What I’m doing this weekend:

Seeing family and exploring a local town in our area. 🙂

What I’m looking forward to next month:

A bachelorette. A wedding. Two trips to CT and time with friends. 🙂

What else is new:

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite thing about summer?One of my very, very, very favorite parts of the summer (other than the heat and pool) is the slow mornings. I love waking up and slowly sipping my coffee in an actual mug rather than a travel mug. I love watching the sun come up and being awake before everyone else. 🙂

…and just like that, let’s welcome August with open arms–ready or not!

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My Phone






I have no idea where Monday went but here we are at Tuesday! We’re talking all about apps on our phone. I’m so excited to see everyone’s suggestions because I’m always far, far behind on apps!
Wunderlist is definitely one of my most helpful apps.  It’s a simple task management tool. It can be used across loads of devices meaning you can use it at your desktop or mobile when you are out. You can also share your lists, which I love! Since there are about three main places I go grocery shopping (Giant, Costco, our local meat store), I always have three lists going. I can “check” it off right on my phone. Eric and I also share a lot of lists that we can both add things to. I use it at school for my to-do lists and at home. Check it out for sure!

I use the Bible app for devotions at times. I go through spurts of doing a series for a few days, a week, or a month on here. It’s a great app. And again, you can also invite people to see plans you complete or are reading, etc. Eric and I both share our plans together. This app is another source of inspiration as part of my devotions. I like to switch things up and some days this is perfect. 🙂

This last app is just flat-out fun! Marco Polo is a video walkie-talkie. I keep in touch with a handful of college friends that live out-of-state or that I don’t get to see often.

Happy Tuesday friends! 🙂

Friday Favorites

It’s the first week back from vacation, and I went from feeling completely on to of things to completely behind on everything! Am I the only one that feels this way?

But it’s Friday, and I have some favorites to share! Here we go! Grab some coffee and energy bites to power through to the weekend friends!


First thing’s first. We might be ordering this in the very near future because we fell in love with espresso. Of course it tasted extra delicious in Italy but I’m thinking it might be a fun memory whenever we sip it at home? Does anyone own one? Recommendations?


Before we left for Italy, I was doing a lot of research on Collagen Peptides and how it helps your body. Fast forward to Italy, and although we ate some amazing food, we ate a lot of pasta and bread that my body isn’t used to. I decided to get my butt right back into gear after we got home and I ordered some! It promotes youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails, while keeping your bones strong and healthy.

It comes in powdered form, which was perfect for putting into two (one. two–on this smoothie I left out the protein powder) of my smoothies this week. You can’t even taste it! I’m going to try using it while baking next week also! So far, I love it! You can buy it here! Send me a message if you have any other questions! 🙂

Three.It’s our second anniversary on Monday, so we have a nice little weekend planned to celebrate! Gosh, I love him! But the real anniversary gift for us was Capri! You can see the post here! I’ll be recapping Tuscany and Florence next week!

Four.You can see my best recipes here! My Homemade Lemon Larabar recipe is by far my most popular pinned recipe! You can follow me on Pinterest and see the recipe here!


My best friend got me a tea towel at a local store (she knows me well!) that has little manners written all over it. Plus, it has a linen texture, which I love! This isn’t the exact one she got me but it’s the closest I could find and wanted to share! You can buy it here! Isn’t it cute?!

Happy Friday everyone!! Have the best day!

Best Recipes

We got back from Italy late Saturday night after 11 days of unplugging and exploring, and I think it was just what we needed! It was an incredible trip and I can’t wait to recap it for all of you! (Once I’m caught up on laundry and not quite as jet-lagged). ;)You can see a sneak peak of pictures, here!  Needless to say, because of that, it’s been a little quiet around here and a part of me definitely missed all of you!

Today I’m linking up with Andrea to share my best (and favorite!) recipes. I picked my top five favorite things to make whether it be a snack, main dish, or dessert! I can’t wait to read all the other blogs for ideas because I’m always looking for new recipes! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Holy Guacamole Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comMy Guacamole
My mouth is watering just thinking of this roast. Plus, it involves the Crock-pot. 🙂
My Veggie Detox Bowl. We have this at least once a week!My Lemon Butter Salmon.

It’s simple, healthy, and delicious!

My Homemade Lemon Larabars .

This is by faaaaaar my most pinned recipe and I completely understand why! I love it just as much as all of you!

I thought I would throw in some of my favorite things to use in the kitchen and you can check out the post below for more ideas!

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets 



June 2017

whatsupwed1WUWquestions editIt’s already the end of June, which makes me incredibly sad but also makes me want to savor everything that comes with this season of life. So, here we go. 🙂 

What we’re eating this week:My Sweet Potato Fries with Dipping Sauce since our CSA has been giving us a lot of sweet potatoes and my Guacamole have been made a lot around here lately!

What I’m reminiscing about:One of my closest friends is in Greece right now and I am living vicariously through her as I reminisce about my trip there!

Opa: 1

Opa: 2

Opa: 3

Opa: 4

What I’m loving:

The sunshine, the pool, the slower days, the relaxed pace…I’m loving a lot lately.

What we’ve been up to:We’re on the house hunt. So, there’s that. A girl can dream, right? (Or maybe I can convince Eric that we should build?) 😉 

What I’m dreading:

It’s too early to say back-to-school, isn’t it?

What I’m working on:Waiting patiently. Because sometimes it’s just flat-out hard. 

What I’m excited about:


What I’m watching/reading:Other than the Today Show, (which you know I get so excited about) I just finished watching all three seasons of Cedar Cove. I didn’t even realized I watched the finale and then was so sad it was over. Any suggestions for other shows? You can never go wrong with a Nicholas Sparks book like Message in a Bottle right?Remember I mentioned in February how this book was recommended at a conference? It is an amazing, inspirational, and motivating book that will definitely get you thinking about marriage in a different light. You can buy it here!


What I’m listening to:

I can’t stop listening to this song!

What I’m wearing:Last month, I mentioned how I like simple sandals. I ended up getting these and have loved them with so many outfits!

What I’m doing this weekend:


What I’m looking forward to next month:My sister and I have a spa day planned for her 30th birthdaaaay!

What else is new:

Other than all the above, not a ton! 😉

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite 4th of July tradition?

We don’t really have a particular tradition or favorite…but it has to involve fireworks. Seeing them, lighting them, and so on. Fireworks are a must! 

Happy Wednesday everyone!