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Friday Favorites


On the busiest of weeks, Friday feels even more amazing. Although, I took off yesterday for some R & R and let me tell you…it was the best! I slept 11 hours (I know?!), went shopping, met Eric for lunch, and just relaxed. It was definitely a favorite of the week!

Ladies, this sweater is $30 from the loft and so functional. You can mix and match it for the holidays and even after.

Three.…and this sweater! 🙂

I talked about this on Wednesday but have definitely dug deeper into the study since then. It has been really eye-opening to do a study again to switch things up and I love her heart throughout each page!

Five.I made my pumpkin bread this week and it is just so dang good!

What fun fall plans do you have this weekend?

October 2017

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What we’re eating this week:Potato, Sausage and Leek Soup. I can’t get enough since the temps keep dropping. 

What I’m reminiscing about:I’ve found myself daydreaming about our trip to Italy (Capri, Tuscany, and Florence) a lot lately!

What I’m loving:

The people in my life, plain and simple. 🙂 

What we’ve been up to:

Birthday celebrations!

What I’m dreading:

Nothing and I love that. 🙂

What I’m working on:

Grading papers and finishing up Christmas shopping. You can view some of my ideas from last year, here. 🙂 

What I’m excited about:

That time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when everything feels farm and cozy and it’s spent with a lot of family and friends. 🙂

What I’m watching/reading:Our church is doing a women’s study called Finding I AM by Lysa TerKeurst. None of the days or times that our church offered worked with my schedule, which I was SO bummed about because everyone kept raving how great the study is. I decided that nothing was holding me back from buying the book and doing the study on my own, so that’s exactly what I did. 🙂 

I’ve been watching the videos online and completing the study book and so far, it’s been living up to the hype!

What I’m listening to:I used to work at the kids store for Polo Ralph Lauren. They always had the most soothing and relaxing soundtrack playing and I could never pinpoint what songs reminding of it until I tried Frank Sinatra’s Pandora station. I have been listening to it for the last few weeks. 🙂 

What I’m wearing:

Nothing especially new. I need to go shopping! Any suggestions?

What I’m doing this weekend:

After every weekend being filled to the brim, having nothing on our agenda has me really, really excited!

What I’m looking forward to next month:

Is it too early to be excited about Thanksgiving break? (Didn’t think so! 😉 )

What else is new:

The fact that my hairs getting longer probably doesn’t interest anyone, so nothing really! 😉 

Bonus Question: “What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?”I love, love, love Katie Lee’s, “Late Summer Farro,Butternut Squash, and Arugula Salad,” from her Endless Summer Cookbook. It’s light and hearty with so many tastes that pair perfect with Thanksgiving food! I also am (understandably so) a big fan of My Grandma’s Sweet Potato Dish if you are looking for something a little more traditional and quick to whip up!

…and there goes October! So crazy! Praying November has some great things in store for everyone!

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today, we’re talking all about our favorite holidays. The most wonderful time of year, in my opinion is the time between Thanksgiving break and Christmas. I love the feeling in our home, the time with family and friends, and the food. All of it is just SO fun! That being said, Christmas takes the cake with being my absolute favorite holiday of all. From the lights, to the music, to the true meaning of Christmas it wins every single time.

Since Christmas is less than 10 weeks away, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from last year to help you get a jumpstart on shopping and ideas! 🙂 While you’re at it, turn on some Michael Buble’s holiday station on Pandora, and make yourself some of this to sip on. 😉

Tea TowelsBundt Cake PanNars LipsDolce and Gabana PerfumeOPI Nail PolishSunglassesEarringsBootsF.A.B. Face CleanserVictoria’s Secret PajamasLavanilaHat and Scarf ComboMia CleanserHunter BootsHoop EarringsWine GlassesBare MineralsChristmas Spirit Essential Oil12 Benefits2017 PlannerMarker Pens

You can get your family excited to watch these movies……and make Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies for the upcoming season. Christmas is just the best all around! 🙂

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16 Hours

Sweet and Cozy

As fall rolls around and leads into winter, cozy is the name of the game in our home. Whether it’s when people are over or just the two of us, there are definitely elements that create the sweet and cozy feel that makes a house a home. 🙂

  1. First up: Blankets. I just can’t get enough and the softer the better!                                                                                                               

Top left. Top right. Bottom left. Bottom right.

2. Candles. Since I’ve been burning Antique Candle Works non-stop I figured I would share some of my favorite scents with you. (Since I own almost every one! Shhh!) 🙂 These also make such cute Christmas gifts! (wink-wink!)

Sage and Citrus. Cashmere. Momma’s Kitchen. (’s on sale!) Good Tidings.

3. Simple decor goes a long way to making a home cozy. I bought some mini white pumpkins, some silver dollar eucalyptus, and mixed it with some pine cones. I have a few candles in the background too! Done! 🙂

4. Coffee please! I love having the Keurig on when people come over, especially in the fall and winter months. It instantly creates a cozy feeling of coffee flowing and makes me want to snuggle up with a warm blanket! 🙂 Happy fall everyone!


16 hours

5:30 a.m.

5:45 a.m.7:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m.12:15 p.m.

6:00 p.m.

On average, there are about 16 hours in my day. 16. Some days the 16 hours are jam-packed and other days they feel much, much lighter! However, a typical day hasn’t changed much over the years and in a lot of ways I’m extremely thankful for that. If anything, the changes that have been made, have created margin within my day to take a few extra breaths. Here we are in my 16 hours. 🙂

5:00- Wake up & shower (Face Cleanser, Clarisonic Mia 2)

5:30- Breakfast (here) and devotions. (I use the Bible app, Proverbs 31 Ministry, or read my Bible).

5:45- Hair: 1.Shampoo and Conditioner 2.12 Benefits Hair Treatment 3. Hairdryer 4. Curling Iron, 1″

5. Straightener 6. Smoothing Serum 7.Hairspray 8. Volume Spray (and smells ah-mazing!)

Make-up: 1.Foundation 2. All Over Face Color 4. Clinique High Impact Mascara 5.Mineral Veil 6. NARS Lips: Color 1Color 2.

7:00- I get to school around 7:00 before the students arrive at 8:50. I get A LOT done during that time.

10:00- Planning period (Snack and grading/prep)

12:15- Typical lunch, here.

3:45- Head home to make dinner, like this.

Crock-Pot tip: I have been trying to use the crockpot about once a week this year. Since Eric and I are both gone more than 6 or 8 hours (like most recipes recommend) I have our meal cook overnight. Since I wake up before Eric, I remove the crockpot to give it time to cool and right before Eric leaves he puts it in the refrigerator. Then, we heat it up when we’re ready to eat that night! Easy! 🙂

6:00- We either head to the gym when Eric gets home or eat. Usually, eating wins and then we go for a walk afterwards. 🙂

7:30- Read, watch TV, etc.

9:00- Bed (yes, we go to bed early)!

I love this life so, so much. 🙂