Giddy Over Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets @ stephanie-spring.comI don’t get super excited over technology. I don’t need the biggest T.V. or the nicest iPhone to jump for joy. But put a kitchen gadget in front of me and I get giddy. As in, one of my first thoughts when I wake up is how excited I am to use the juicer or how many possible recipes I can create with the spiralizer. Kitchen gadgets make me giddy. We may still be without curtains in a room or two but our kitchen is stocked. 🙂 Priorities, people. I love these gadgets and honestly use at least two of these a week for one purpose or another. There are hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of kitchen gadgets ranging in costs, effectiveness, and uses, but these are the ones that I absolutely love and work for me.

  1. KitchenAid Mixer: I love seeing this displayed on a counter. To me, it makes a kitchen feel complete and does a fab job mixing, whisking, and stirring anything!
  2. Spiralizer: Oh hey, spiralizer! You are so inexpensive, easy to use, and make any vegetable fun! You take butternut squash mac and cheese to a new level and make cooked zucchini (zoodles) taste like heaven.
  3. Bella Juicer: I thought this would be perfect for fresh juice over the summer, and it is. However, when I started to feel run down in the winter months, I went right to the juicer for some fresh OJ and a strong dose of fruits and veggies. It does the trick every time.
  4. KitchenAid Food Processor: Holy cow! This gadget can chop and mash-up anything! I use this to make black bean burgers, shred up blocks of cheese, shred up kale, and so on. It’s perfect for pie crusts, life, and happiness.
  5. Vitamix: The King of all kitchen gadgets. I use this for anything and everything from smoothies to soup, to baking and blending. It’s insane speed and durability is amazing.The Vitamix is worth every penny and more!


Pour yourself some extra coffee and tell me what some of your favorite gadgets are! Enjoy your Monday! xo