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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 01Friday, Friday, Friday! I love Fridays. I’m teaming up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share our Friday Favorites!

This jewelry! Earlier this week, I talked about how much I love this jewelry and the meaning behind it. You can find the post, here. It’s without a doubt, a favorite of mine!


This arrived on my doorstep this week! So cute. So simple, So useful. A favorite.


Snow. I’m surprised I’m even saying this but I’m going to be honest…Two snow days?! I am not complaining one bit. 🙂

This tomato soup! So easy, healthy, and perfect for this cold weather.



I’m teaming up with Jessica N Designs for a giveaway next week! Start shopping to see what you might want to purchase, here! 😉 Be sure to check back tomorrow and Monday!

Thank Jesus for Fridays, recipes, and giveaways! xoxo

Hand Stamped Just For You

stephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comLadies…It’s time to talk jewelry! In my mind, simplicity is key. I love pieces that are simple, yet original. Last year, Eric commented on a gold bar necklace that I bought. He loved it. Little did he know, I picked it up at a random store at the mall for next to nothing. Well, after a few short months, it got tarnished and I wanted something with some more sentiment, knowing how much he loved the style. Fast forward to Christmas and I decided to treat myself (and I suppose him 😉 ) by purchasing a quality necklace and ring. I ordered the gold bar necklace from Jessica N Designs with our wedding date engraved and a stackable ring, which is riding solo (for now), because they had meaning behind them…meaningful dates, and initials of a person that I hold close to my heart and always will. Whether it’s a ring or necklace, these are perfect reminders of those special moments and people who matter the most in your life. This is such a sweet gift for anyone on any occasion. You can’t go wrong here. I promise!

Shop: Jessica N Designs 

Who doesn’t love 15% off? Use this code at checkout: stephspring15

If You and I Were to Have Coffee: Part 2


If you and I were to have coffee…

We’d talk about the high’s and low’s of the week. The challenges. The beauties. The big things and the little ones. 

If you and I were to have coffee…

We’d obviously talk about what we would spend our money on if we won the Jackpot. 😉 

If you and I were to have coffee…

I’d tell you to head over to Instagram and enter this giveaway since it’s kind of similar to winning the Jackpot. Kind of. 😉 

If you and I were to have coffee…

I’d say how fast time flies. I have no idea where the first half of the school year went and how January is almost over!

If you and I were to have coffee…

We’d talk about how it hasn’t snowed much around here and I am not complaining one little bit about that. 🙂

If you and I were to have coffee…

I’d say how how much I absolutely love these products and can’t stop buying them for friends and family! 

If you and I were to have coffee…

We’d pour ourselves another cup and sit just a little longer. There are such amazing things surrounding us, we just need to take a moment to appreciate them. 

Festive Holiday Favorites


1. Victoria’s Secret Flannel Pajama  2. Victoria’s Secret Fireside Pajama

3. J Crew Pajama set    4. Loft Set (found in stores)

We’re only a few days away from Christmas. I’m a planner, so if I’m being honest…most things are done. But the perks of procrastinating?! Sales, sales, and more sales! Sales on everything festive that we thought the shelves would be cleared of! The good news is that they’re still available! I spend a lot of my holiday break in my pajamas. It just happens. Stocking up on pajamas for the rest of the winter and even next Christmas doesn’t sound so bad when they are seriously discounted! Happy shopping and snuggling!

What I’ve Been Doing Part 1

Because I got my first pumpkin spice latte this week. :)

Oh Hey September!

It’s mid-September and life has been full of…. A LOT! The best way to sum it up is by letting you know what I’ve been doing lately…

Making: Our house a home.
Cooking: Anything that’s in season as often as possible.
Drinking: Iced coffee with almond milk. Repeat.
Reading: Blogs and tutorials on how to make this space my own.
Wanting: A nap! Three weeks of school down.
Looking: On the pale side these days. RIP summer.
Playing: Lots of Hillsong and our wedding playlist.
Wasting: as little time as possible.
Sewing: …that one time in high school.
Wishing: I could find the perfect flannel shirt.
Enjoying: Any and every moment with my husband.
Waiting: For Christmas. 😉
Liking: pumpkin everything.
Wondering: how the school year is going to play out.
Loving: warm days and cool evenings. 
Hoping: to be outside and take in all fall has to offer.
Marveling: over God’s goodness.
Smelling: coffee.
Wearing: a banana republic tank. new fav.
Noticing: every sunrise and sunset.
Knowing: prayer is amazing.
Thinking: about what each day has in store.
Bookmarking: product collages.
Feeling: prepared.

What have you been doing lately?

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