The Buzz on Honey

stephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comMy in-laws are amazing people and their hobbies are nothing short of amazing either.

Several years ago they decided to pick up the hobby of bees. Yes, bees. Honey-making bees.

They make their honey right at their home and are extremely knowledgeable on the process and benefits of natural honey. Recently, they had to purchase more hives because their honey is such a hot commodity. Let me tell you, this liquid gold will have you at the first lick. Unlike honey that is sold in most stores, there are no additives or preservatives to “enhance” the flavor or texture. I love knowing where my food is coming from and the process behind it. In addition to the taste, the health benefits of honey are a plus! Natural honey helps aid in digestion, regulates metabolism, and is a great natural sweetener in any recipe.

Thanks to the taste and benefits of natural honey, I no longer buy store-bought honey. These are just a few of the recipes that I use with Breezy Hill Honey.

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