I always pictured Tuscany with lush, green, rolling hills, terracotta roofs, and a glass of wine in everyone’s hand. What I envisioned this beautiful place encompassing is exactly what it was like right before my own two eyes. Gorgeous as ever and topped with good friends made it even more memorable. Tuscany was a beauty.

Hilary and I met when we both signed up to study abroad in Greece. (Greece: One. Two. Three. Four). Six years later, we continued to stay close friends, share wedding experiences together, and so on. I knew her, her husband and his family were all planning on taking a trip this summer. We both exchanged our excitement of going over seas again and drinking up all a different culture had to offer. One day we casually exchanged the dates of our trips and stopped as we realized we would both be in Italy at the same time. We quickly sent one another the places we were staying and text each other when we realized we would only be 25 minutes apart! It was the perfect excuse to visit another part of Italy on our trip! A few wine tours and pieces of pizza later, we were back at their villa with the sun setting and a view that made every worry in the world go away. 🙂