Spread Love, Joy, and Peace

dsc_0177dsc_0178dsc_0166The holidays encompass so many things in my mind. I cherish the extra time with family that falls through the cracks throughout the year. I love seeing friends from near and far, coming together under one roof for one party or another. I crave the food that is hearty and rich and should only be enjoyed among the ones you love. It’s the epitome of holidays to me.

To kick off the season in eatable fashion, a cheese board is the staple of it all. The conversation starter. A piece of art. A mix of flavors that pairs the best with wine. From Thanksgiving to Christmas my heart bursts at the seams with all that’s in store. Cheese boards are the beginning of memories to be made. Here’s to the combinations on one small board that will have your heart singing from Thanksgiving to Christmas and beyond!

Pictured//The Spread:

Cheeses: Brie// Scottish Sharp Chedder// Honey Infused Goat Cheese

Nuts: Almonds// Walnuts

Fruit: Granny Smith Apple// Ginger Peach Jam// Craisins// Green Grapes

Sourdough Baguette

Local Honey

Cabernet sauvignon


Cheese boards: Walnut Board/ Slate/ Light Plank

Spreaders: Jessica N Designs Spreaders: Use discount code: JNDHoliday15 for 15% off all orders placed from Friday November 18 – Sunday November 20

Wine Glasses: Red Wine Glasses

Linen Towel: Red Stripe/ Blue Tassel

White Ramekins: Round One/ Round Two/ Round Three

Clear Prep Bowls: Big and Small