Life has felt unusually busy lately. To be honest, it has been a lot busier than I like. I feel like I have been on the verge of tears and the to-do list has gotten longer and longer. Our schedule has been filling up with great things but it’s definitely full! As I sat down to read this book, I could not get over how perfect the timing was for this season of life. Lysa Terkeurst’s book Unglued, “focuses on making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions.” This book wouldn’t have meant half as much or been nearly as relevant when my schedule was free and easy. It’s when the rubber hits the road, when the list of things to do drags you down, and when life feels overwhelming that your ability to make wise choices is really tested. Lately, I have felt like I keep becoming unglued. However, after reading this book (more…)

Show and Tell Tuesday: Hometowns

Show and Tell - IG GraphicIt’s Show and Tell Tuesday and I’m talking all about my hometown of where I grew up! vfiles32631I grew up in a very, very, small rural town in Pennsylvania. There is a TON of farmland, endless back roads, and Amish in the mix. I grew up in the first house my parents built, in 1980 and still live in. There are only two main grocery stores, several churches, and so many cows.solancofairsolanco_fair_tractors_09-19-14

There is a fair that is held every year in my hometown. Three days in September of pure joy. I haven’t missed a year since I was a baby and don’t exactly intend to! 🙂 My Grandma used to be the head of the kitchen committee, but after she passed away, my Mom took over. There is a parade (more…)

Giddy Over Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets @ stephanie-spring.comI don’t get super excited over technology. I don’t need the biggest T.V. or the nicest iPhone to jump for joy. But put a kitchen gadget in front of me and I get giddy. As in, one of my first thoughts when I wake up is how excited I am to use the juicer or how many possible recipes I can create with the spiralizer. Kitchen gadgets make me giddy. We may still be without curtains in a room or two but our kitchen is stocked. 🙂 Priorities, people. I love these gadgets (more…)

Let’s Talk…Guys


Today, I’m talking guys with Andrea and Erika!stephanie-spring.comTwo and a half years ago, two of our closest friends set us up. Fast forward a year later and we were engaged. Fast forward eight months later, and we were married. We went to the same college, had mutual friends, and knew of each other. If you would have told my college self that Eric and I would get married, I would have laughed. He was the last person I expected to reconnect with after college, but I thank God that we did. He extends more grace than anyone I know, always see the good in people, and pushes me to be the best version of myself. Last month I talked about how he won my heart (and continues to do so) here. He’s my guy, and I’m so thankful for him. 🙂

stephanie-spring.comI’m a Dad’s girl. My Dad is extremely hard-working, owns his own business, lived in a house with three women, and still managed to stay sane. 😉 I am so grateful for him and all he did and continues to do for his family.

stephanie-spring.comThis post would not be complete without talking about my Grandpa. A few months ago I talked about how much my Grandpa meant to me and the role he played in my life, here. He is missed so much.

There you have it! I love the men in my life! 🙂

Happy Monday! Go treat yourself to an extra cup of coffee!