Spring Weekends

Come Friday night, either Eric or I (or both) are ready for some shut-eye. The thought of catching some extra zzz’s and waking up to only the smell of bacon, birds chirping, or the thought of a leisurely activity planned that day kind of feels like Christmas morning each and every weekend. We have our share of jam-packed ones but I like to focus more on the slow and steady ones. The ones that keep us grounded for the week and reenergize us for what’s to come. A lengthy breakfast (which I think has become my favorite meal) and extra snuggles are normally what the morning consists of. An entire pot of coffee is normally sipped in the mix of it all also. Friends, family, or a special date night are normally the only thing on the agenda for Saturdays. Sundays are normally filled with Sunday bests for church and time spent with small group. They are all cherished and appreciated so much at this season of life and boy are we thankful for all of the above.