Show and Tell Tuesday + Favorite Vacation

Show and Tell - IG GraphicI’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays! Today, we’re talking all about our favorite vacations! I have been extremely blessed with the opportunity to go on a lot of vacations that were nothing short of amazing. One of my all time favorite vacations though was a girls trip in the midst of studying abroad in Greece. I talk about Greece like it’s my job but I don’t technically consider it a vacation since I lived there. 😉 A few weeks after arriving in Greece, Mace and I decided to go to the fashion capital of the world: Milan, Italy. We were instantly in awe with all it had to offer. The architecture, language, shopping, food and atmosphere were incredible and we had every intention of soaking up every inch!We ate, drank, shopped, painted, got pampered, and loved life. We made friends, learned about life in Milan and loved every second of it. It is consistently a vacation that appears in my memory when I think of a favorite and I am so, so thankful!