About a year ago our church sent out an e-mail. It was information regarding about a new small group series for women called Lineage of Love (LOL). I was in my first full year of teaching, living two hours from Eric, planning a wedding, and felt in over my head in so many different ways. So in the midst of a million things going on, naturally, I signed up for one more…and I am so glad I did.

Our church heavily encourages small groups. Small groups are the time where you can do life with people, live out your faith, and invite people into your home and grow closer. I totally get small groups now.


unknownThis study will open your heart, soul and mind in ways you did not expect, and most importantly enrich your relationship with God. The beautiful woman pictured above, Heather Zeamer poured her heart and soul into writing this series. The year long study will stretch you and make you evaluate your relationship with God and others. You cannot go wrong here. I promise. Clear your schedule for just one evening a month to find safe places to heal and grow, discover your purpose, and grow in your relationship with Jesus.




If you have questions about the study check out the LOL website or e-mail me directly with questions!

Check out the website: