Let’s Talk Home Tips and Tricks

I think the biggest key to organization is staying on top of things little by little and day by day. Something as simple as putting something back where you got it and doing a load of laundry before it piles up goes a long way. I would consider myself an organized person and these few suggestions may be little as well, but again go a long way in terms of keeping things tidy most days. 😉Adding tea tree oil to a load of older rags or wash clothes on a hot cycle can help clean your washer. You add about 10 drops directly to the washer and it will keep everything running smoothly and clean out all the excess. 🙂

Metal Milk Crate: I love to use these in closets to keep things together in one place.

Jewelry Holder: This has been SO nice to hold jewelry. I have my necklaces and bracelets stored in something similar to this. I also have a similar one to divide my make-up brushes and make up. (Foundation, lips, eyes, etc).

Circular Wire Basket: I use this as our laundry basket. 🙂

Wire Basket With Hooks: This is perfect to hold our keys and a few randoms we like to have on hand in our main room, instead of the office. It keeps it organized and is convenient.

Clear Tray: I use this to separate my earrings and rings.

Ottoman: I cannot say enough about this ottoman. I have used it in our bedroom and now have it in our living room. It’s functional, perfect to store blankets, and I love the style of it. Plus, it has held up phenomenally over the years.

I hope you and your family had the best Christmas and are still celebrating. 🙂 Happy Monday!