Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 01

I’m linking up with some of my favorites ladies, Erika, Narci, and Andrea for our Friday Favorites!

One.I started to revamp a lot of my skin care products. I’ve been searching for products without sulfates, GMO’s, etc. I talked about how I love First Aid’s Face Moisturizerhere and decided to try their face cleanser. BEST DECISION EVER! I’m in love and their products are now my favorites.


This book. I talked about how it is a favorite, here!

Three.Compassion International

Earlier this week I got a snail mail from my sponsor child in Peru. Enclosed with the letter was a precious picture of Elki with a track suit and shoes that he bought with the Christmas money I sent him. It was a favorite of my week. 🙂


 It has been close to almost 80 degrees all week…and it’s only March! We have taken walks, played tennis, drove with the windows down…warmer weather has always been a favorite.

Five. stephanie-spring.comPlanning and checking things off a list is a favorite of mine. At school, I have all of our PSSA review ready to go, report cards are done, and I started prepping some things from next year. Check, check, check. Favorite! 🙂

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Happy, happy, Friday everyone!

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