Since we’ve been home, people have asked which place we liked better? Capri or Florence? My response? “It’s like comparing apples and oranges,” because it really is. We went from a beach town to a city, and Lord knows there really isn’t a commonality between the two. The beauty of Florence was very different from Capri, but stunning nonetheless. We were surrounded by gorgeous architecture that was intricate beyond belief. (Hello, the Duomo!–Stunning!) The streets were constantly bustling with people. The feel of it all was so different but we were filled us with excitement as we were ready to explore a new place!

You all know that food is a passion of mine and that rang loud and clear in Florence! One of my favorite memories from this trip was experiencing Il Santo Bevitore. It may have been one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. From the charm of the sweet and romantic atmosphere, to the flavorful food, it was an incredible place to be. As we topped off the trip exploring the Boboli Gardens and all the city had to offer, it sure is a place we will never forget. We loved you, Florence! 🙂