Deserted Island + Books

Stranded WithIf I we’re stranded on a deserted island with Shay and Erika, I’d most likely be laying in the sun (using some of my medicine cabinet items) and reading one of these three books!


The Flavor Bible: I got this as a gift and love it, I just haven’t had the chance to read all of it. If I’m stuck on an island, I will definitely have plenty of time to read it, and maybe it would give me some inspiration of how to make a great concoction from something on the island?! My hopes are too high.

The Bible: In all seriousness, there are so many wonderful and powerful things about God’s word but if I’m stuck on an island, you better believe I’m clinging to every verse about hope!

Bittersweet: I’ve talked about this book several times and how much I could read it over and over again! It would definitely make the list of books I would bring if I were stranded on an island.

I can’t wait to read your list of books and add some to my summer reading list! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Posts to come….