But Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Math stations: stephanie-spring.comMath stations: stephanie-spring.comMath stations: stephanie-spring.comSometimes it feels extremely difficult to be creative with fifth grade math. I decided to make a few math stations as a review for PSSA’s and to get my students out of their seats and moving. The best part about the stations is that it’s interactive, inexpensive, and super easy to create! These could be adapted and modified in so many ways and for any age! They were so fun to make! 🙂 Math stations: stephanie-spring.comMath stations: stephanie-spring.comMath stations: stephanie-spring.com
Math stations: stephanie-spring.com

  • Egg station:  How many people remember the saying, “But please excuse my dear Aunt Sally?!” It’s such a common mnemonic device to help with order of operations. I love it! I used egg crates and bought plastic easter eggs from the dollar store. Inside each egg was practice with exponents. The students had a separate worksheet to show their work and answer. They had an answer key to check their own work independently. They loved it! 
  • B (Brackets)
  • P (Parenthesis)
  • E (Exponents)
  • M (Multiplication)
  • D (Division)
  • A (Addition)
  • S (Subtraction)
  • Fraction card game: Students were each given a fraction card and had to find students with cards that were equivalent fractions to their card. 
  • Box Station: I saved different sized boxes, covered them with construction paper, and wrote different dimensions on the boxes. Students were responsible for finding the volume of each figure. This checked their knowledge on the formula of volume as well as their multiplication skills. 

Happy Thursday! 🙂