Back(pack) to school

Today is the first day of school! I put some finishing touches on my classroom yesterday, folded laundry, made food for the week, and packed everything up in preparation for today. Even as a teacher, the jitters still come in full force and create such a mix of emotions. I’m so sad for summer to come to a close but I’m so, so thankful for new beginnings in the school year!

The last few years I have used whatever bag I had on hand to carry my school things to and fro, but this year I felt a little more legit when Urban Southern sent me this backpack. (This probably aided in my excitement for the school year–no joke!) It’s the little things in life that are practical yet classic that make every day life more fun. The backpack stores my laptop, markers, pens, phone, papers, binder, etc. I love the size of it and I’m sure my shoulders will thank me, even by the end of the week, for not putting so much weight on just one side. 😉

If the first day of school is going to start mid-August this year, here’s to pumpkin everything, flannel, and a lot of coffee to get the year started on the right foot! (And a cute new bag thrown in the mix to make it more exciting!)

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