Summer Packing Essentials

1. Foundation 2. Faux Tan 3. Eyeliner 4. Mascara 5. Mineral Veil 6. Lip Color 7. Lip Gloss 8. Bathing Suit Top 9. Bathing Suit Bottoms 10.Romper 11.Face Wash 12. Face Moisturizer 13. Sunscreen 14. Deodorant 15. Perfume 16. Mia 2 17. Bangles 18. Fedora 19. Rainbows

I’m the first to admit I’m not a light packer for vacations. I will say though, I have gotten better narrowing down things I really need/want to take on the trip! We are taking an 11 day trip this summer across the pond and this gave me a jump start to thinking what I’ll be taking. I always, always, always make a list of everything I will be taking. (Even the nitty gritty). I also really like to take pieces that I can mix and match with multiple outfits. I’ll be taking some of my favorite staple jewelry and my Market Tote as my carry on! Here are some of my other essentials that were easy to throw on the list! What are some of your things you can’t leave the house without?!