Stranded Island + Outerwear

I went against the grain on this one and didn’t necessarily list three pieces of outerwear I would bring on an island because I’m hoping it will at least be warm there. 😉 I stuck to my favorite pieces that I adore and have been a staple for several years.
1. JCrew City Coat 2. North Face Fleece 3. Gap Vest

1. JCrew City Coat: I got this coat last year and I’m kind of obsessed with it. It’s great quality and keeps me warm, which is a must! I bought it in seaside coral but it comes in a variety of colors! 🙂

2. North Face Fleece: Buying this fleece in college was a staple around campus. So naturally, I bought it. But in all honestly, I love this fleece. It’s so warm, heavy-duty, and versatile. I’m now eyeing up this sweater. I also have a beanie from The North Face that I love! Similar, here.

3. Gap Vest– I have had my puffer vest since high school and still wear it. Good thing they remain each season. 😉

Last but not least, gloves. (I know, I added more than four pieces of outerwear but tis’ the season). 😉 I bought these gloves four years ago when we planned a trip to New York. They have the tech touch screen design and work out great. However, my hands are cold so often that I’m up for any glove recommendations. Send them my way and have an amazing Wednesday! I’ll be over here listening to Christmas music any chance I get! xo


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