Smoothie Sailing into 2017

Blueberry Banana Protein SmoothieStrawberry Banana Smoothie-- Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comGreen Smoothie-- Recipe at: stephanie-spring.comThe holidays consisted of so much food. I love this with all of my heart but sometimes, you just need a day or two (or a week) to detox from what your body has gotten used to. A smoothie is an easy way to incorporate fruits and veggies without a lot of prep. I truly feel more energized and fit when I have one of these on days or weeks where I just feel like I haven’t eaten the best. Here’s a jumpstart to the year because you got this. 😉 May you always appreciate the renewal each day brings. May you always remember the sweetness each year holds. May you throw away anything that hinders you and focus on what He has you reaching for.

Green Smoothie smoothie recipe, here.

Strawberry Banana smoothie recipe, here.

Blueberry Banana Protein smoothie recipe, here.