To be honest, the thought of a resolution seems a little daunting each year. With an entire year ahead, I don’t want to necessarily be pinned down to one specific thing. However, I do love a good goal. A well, thought-out goal, perhaps from month-to-month is something I’m always down for. I listed some tips and tricks that help me maintain my goals and I’m hoping they help you too!

  1. Write it down. 

Wether it’s a planner, on a post-it note, or some fun paper, write your goals down! Not only will you remember them better, you can place it somewhere that you can see your goal often which will increase your chances of fulfilling it!


2. Plan. 

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is that reaching goals takes planning. I talked about my love for Wunderlist here and it’s still going strong. I still write A LOT of things down because it helps me remember them and I like to actually check things off when I complete them. But for my groceries lists and random things Eric and I like to combine lists on, it’s great!

3. Time management

If you’re really serious about sticking to your goals, you need to make sure you create time to achieve them. Take a look at your calendar and make sure your time allows you to work on them.

4. Priorities

Reevaluate each month (or week) what you spent your time on. If it doesn’t line up with your priorities, something needs to change.

There you have it! What are some of your best tips for sticking to goals?