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I have no idea where Monday went but here we are at Tuesday! We’re talking all about apps on our phone. I’m so excited to see everyone’s suggestions because I’m always far, far behind on apps!
Wunderlist is definitely one of my most helpful apps.  It’s a simple task management tool. It can be used across loads of devices meaning you can use it at your desktop or mobile when you are out. You can also share your lists, which I love! Since there are about three main places I go grocery shopping (Giant, Costco, our local meat store), I always have three lists going. I can “check” it off right on my phone. Eric and I also share a lot of lists that we can both add things to. I use it at school for my to-do lists and at home. Check it out for sure!

I use the Bible app for devotions at times. I go through spurts of doing a series for a few days, a week, or a month on here. It’s a great app. And again, you can also invite people to see plans you complete or are reading, etc. Eric and I both share our plans together. This app is another source of inspiration as part of my devotions. I like to switch things up and some days this is perfect. 🙂

This last app is just flat-out fun! Marco Polo is a video walkie-talkie. I keep in touch with a handful of college friends that live out-of-state or that I don’t get to see often.

Happy Tuesday friends! 🙂

Friday Favorites

This week has been so fun! It was such a good balance of relaxation and productivity. I love that. 🙂

I switched things up a little today and listed five books I’ve been browsing through lately. Some I have read cover to cover and other’s I’ve only browsed, but love what I see. It’s a modge podge, so get ready!  Here you go! Happy Friday ladies! Enjoy!

One.I picked this book up in February but only recently read it front to back. Let me tell you…it’s amazing. Barbara is completely inspiring and encouraging the entire way through!


I went to Barnes and Noble the other day and read some of this this book. I admire Axe’s philosophy on eating and medicine and most likely will be purchasing this book soon. I feel like it’s one of those books that will be helpful to have and reference a loooot! 🙂

Three.I read Message in a Bottle on the plane in just two days because I couldn’t put it down…and we we’re on a plane so I didn’t exactly have a lot of other options. 😉 I was definitely crying by the end and probably looked completely ridiculous doing but it was just so good. 🙂


This book was really inspirational as it goes back to the basis of being a beginner teacher. As summer comes to a closer sooner than later, it what a nice refresher and a great perspective.


This book. This girl. Her philosophy. I love it and I’ve only scratched the surface of reading it. 

Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments!

In case you missed the recaps of our vacation, you can check them out below!

Capri. Tuscany. Florence.


Since we’ve been home, people have asked which place we liked better? Capri or Florence? My response? “It’s like comparing apples and oranges,” because it really is. We went from a beach town to a city, and Lord knows there really isn’t a commonality between the two. The beauty of Florence was very different from Capri, but stunning nonetheless. We were surrounded by gorgeous architecture that was intricate beyond belief. (Hello, the Duomo!–Stunning!) The streets were constantly bustling with people. The feel of it all was so different but we were filled us with excitement as we were ready to explore a new place!

You all know that food is a passion of mine and that rang loud and clear in Florence! One of my favorite memories from this trip was experiencing Il Santo Bevitore. It may have been one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. From the charm of the sweet and romantic atmosphere, to the flavorful food, it was an incredible place to be. As we topped off the trip exploring the Boboli Gardens and all the city had to offer, it sure is a place we will never forget. We loved you, Florence! 🙂


I always pictured Tuscany with lush, green, rolling hills, terracotta roofs, and a glass of wine in everyone’s hand. What I envisioned this beautiful place encompassing is exactly what it was like right before my own two eyes. Gorgeous as ever and topped with good friends made it even more memorable. Tuscany was a beauty.

Hilary and I met when we both signed up to study abroad in Greece. (Greece: One. Two. Three. Four). Six years later, we continued to stay close friends, share wedding experiences together, and so on. I knew her, her husband and his family were all planning on taking a trip this summer. We both exchanged our excitement of going over seas again and drinking up all a different culture had to offer. One day we casually exchanged the dates of our trips and stopped as we realized we would both be in Italy at the same time. We quickly sent one another the places we were staying and text each other when we realized we would only be 25 minutes apart! It was the perfect excuse to visit another part of Italy on our trip! A few wine tours and pieces of pizza later, we were back at their villa with the sun setting and a view that made every worry in the world go away. 🙂

Friday Favorites

It’s the first week back from vacation, and I went from feeling completely on to of things to completely behind on everything! Am I the only one that feels this way?

But it’s Friday, and I have some favorites to share! Here we go! Grab some coffee and energy bites to power through to the weekend friends!


First thing’s first. We might be ordering this in the very near future because we fell in love with espresso. Of course it tasted extra delicious in Italy but I’m thinking it might be a fun memory whenever we sip it at home? Does anyone own one? Recommendations?


Before we left for Italy, I was doing a lot of research on Collagen Peptides and how it helps your body. Fast forward to Italy, and although we ate some amazing food, we ate a lot of pasta and bread that my body isn’t used to. I decided to get my butt right back into gear after we got home and I ordered some! It promotes youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails, while keeping your bones strong and healthy.

It comes in powdered form, which was perfect for putting into two (one. two–on this smoothie I left out the protein powder) of my smoothies this week. You can’t even taste it! I’m going to try using it while baking next week also! So far, I love it! You can buy it here! Send me a message if you have any other questions! 🙂

Three.It’s our second anniversary on Monday, so we have a nice little weekend planned to celebrate! Gosh, I love him! But the real anniversary gift for us was Capri! You can see the post here! I’ll be recapping Tuscany and Florence next week!

Four.You can see my best recipes here! My Homemade Lemon Larabar recipe is by far my most popular pinned recipe! You can follow me on Pinterest and see the recipe here!


My best friend got me a tea towel at a local store (she knows me well!) that has little manners written all over it. Plus, it has a linen texture, which I love! This isn’t the exact one she got me but it’s the closest I could find and wanted to share! You can buy it here! Isn’t it cute?!

Happy Friday everyone!! Have the best day!