Friday Favorites

This week I’ve spent A TON of time at home thanks to MLK day and snow days. I’ve had a lot of time to research baby things and some of my favorites this week reflect just that. It mainly stemmed from my parents being so sweet and bringing the crib and dresser to our house this past weekend for the nursery. We planned on starting to set things up a few weeks ago but snow got in the way. I’ve been browsing my heart out ever since then and after setting up the crib and dresser, Eric and I both looked at each other realizing how real everything is becoming! 🙂


I spent almost all of Saturday rearranging, binging and purging a lot of things that somehow in a few short years we’ve accumulated, to make room for baby things. It all happened at the perfect time though because I was listening to Jen Hatmaker’s podcast featuring Emily Ley and I was completely inspired for a simpler life going into this season. (Or at least an attempt)… 😉


…and Emily Ley’s book: A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living. 🙂

Three.Similar (here and here).

I’ll be doing a (or a few) nursery posts in the next few months but I thought I’d share some similar cribs and dressers as to the one we have. 🙂 It’s a 3-in-1 convertible crib, which I’m really excited about!



You’re either going to laugh or say a big, “Amen” to this favorite. It’s just necessary, ladies. This Cocoa Butter works wonders.


Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap – Baby Unscented// Clear 1 Gallon Jar// Pure Baking Soda

I finally ran out of the laundry detergent we have and I’m so excited to try this homemade kind! A friend recommended it to me because she loves it! I already had most of the things on hand. Dr. Bronner’s is amazing for so many things. I use it often to clean my make-up brushes. I’ll let you know how I like it! 🙂

Have a relaxing weekend friends! xo