Comfy and Casual

Workout Leggings/ Half-Zip/ Nikes 


Today, I’m linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy, in hopes that I’m not the only one wearing a similar outfit like I posted above lately. 😉 If you have seen me any time outside of school lately you have most likely seen this outfit of some sorts. If we met for coffee, I was wearing this. If you saw me grocery shopping, this was what you spotted me in. If I stopped by just to say hi, you got it…this was what I was sporting. It may look like I just finished a workout and went onto my next venture but that is definitely false these days. The truth is some new kicks, a simple tank top (like this or this one!), leggings, and a half zip is just so darn comfy! Not to mention it is perfect for errands, a quick coffee dates, or just lounging at home and still has the ability to make me feel somewhat put together. This cute hat has also helped a bunch! 😉 I would say let’s blame it on Christmas break but I’m choosing to focus on the positive this new year, so, I say, let’s thank Christmas break for this wardrobe staple. 😉  What have been some of your staples this New Year?

Some of my other favorites…