I am so thankful for all of the trips I have been able to go on over the years. However, there are some that stick out as being memorable for great and not-so-great reasons. 😉

Let’s start with the ones that went wrong. When I was 14, I went on a missions trip with my entire Youth Group to Chicago. (I’m not sure if a missions trip counts as a “vacation” but we’re going to go with it!) My Grandma, (who I was extremely close with) was not doing well months leading up to the day I left for the trip. Naturally, that was on my mind a lot as I was getting ready to go. Then, the night before we were leaving for the trip I got SO sick and felt awful. I still went on the trip but felt sick the entire time. Fourteen hours in the car to and from, plus constantly being on the move didn’t help. I was a tough trip and one I try to forget. Ha!

Then there are those trips that you wouldn’t change a thing. Two trips easily tie in my mind.  My trip to Greece (and Italy)! I ate my way through the country, made some of the best friendships, and saw the most beautiful views in my entire life. You can read all about it below!

Opa: 1 

Opa: 2

Opa: 3

Opa: 4

Italy RecapAnd our honeymoon to Punta Cana was everything I imagined and more!

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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Friday Favorites

We are so close to summer I can feel it! The pool is open, which means I am one happy girl! 😉 We have a busy weekend! I hope you have a great weekend everyone! 🙂


One of my best friends just had her baby! I can’t wait to snuggle little Caroline so soon! She’s beautiful!

Two.How cute are these chocolate bars for graduation or any gift?!


I have been doing this arm workout for a few years and love it. My sister and I both did this workout the other day (which was the perfect motivation since I took some time off). I thought I’d share it because it’s simple, works like a charm, and isn’t time consuming!

My Coffee Ice Cream recipe here!


I updated my shop page for you to see some of my favorite summer essentials, here!

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Fun In The Sun

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve.

So many signs of summer are occurring over here: Our pool opening. Temps hitting 90 degrees today. Stocking up on sunscreen. Flip flops making an appearance on the daily. Dreaming up a sunny vacay (little to Eric’s knowledge)! Swimsuit’s in every store and online. The last one sometimes seems like such a fun experience and other times makes me clench my teeth. It’s a touchy but oh so fun subject all in one. My latest love? The one piece swimsuit. Although I love a classic black suit, the fun patterns always catch my eye too. Recommendations? Thoughts? What are some of your favorites?

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! We’re getting together with friends and family all weekend long! Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have some fun things planned!

One.Antique Candle Works have become one of my new favorites! I’ve always had this dream of moving South so when I saw this scent, I knew I had to order it. 🙂

Two.My Aloha Smoothie is one of my faaaaavs!

Three.We have been making my 3 Ingredient Homemade Vinaigrette a few times a few to have on salads.

Four.I started reading Secrets of a Shoe Addict. I’ll keep you updated with how it is! 😉

Five.If you still need some ideas for this Sunday, you can check out my Mother’s Day Menu.

Summer Packing Essentials

1. Foundation 2. Faux Tan 3. Eyeliner 4. Mascara 5. Mineral Veil 6. Lip Color 7. Lip Gloss 8. Bathing Suit Top 9. Bathing Suit Bottoms 10.Romper 11.Face Wash 12. Face Moisturizer 13. Sunscreen 14. Deodorant 15. Perfume 16. Mia 2 17. Bangles 18. Fedora 19. Rainbows

I’m the first to admit I’m not a light packer for vacations. I will say though, I have gotten better narrowing down things I really need/want to take on the trip! We are taking an 11 day trip this summer across the pond and this gave me a jump start to thinking what I’ll be taking. I always, always, always make a list of everything I will be taking. (Even the nitty gritty). I also really like to take pieces that I can mix and match with multiple outfits. I’ll be taking some of my favorite staple jewelry and my Market Tote as my carry on! Here are some of my other essentials that were easy to throw on the list! What are some of your things you can’t leave the house without?!