Top Five


Two. My girls.

Three. Greece and the entire crew on the trip.

Four. The day I was baptized.

Five. My family.

My top five (or so 😉 ) pictures could have been picked a million different ways. But so far, these are some of the most important ones that stuck out to me. They aren’t necessarily the ones with the best lighting or the fanciest occasion. (Although a lot are from our wedding, which I loved!) But these are the people, places, and experiences that I hold nearest and dearest to my heart and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. Cliche, but true. xoxo

Friday Favorites

This week was a challenging and draining one. I started off sick, and the rest of the week in school and everything else was a whirlwind! I am so, so thankful it’s Friday! Amen? Amen!

One.Other than my homemade granola, I have been loving this granola. Since we are Amazon prime members, this actually ends up being cheaper than in most stores and it’s delivered right to our door. 🙂 You can buy it here


Before I started feeling under the weather, I went to shower one of my sweet friends at her baby shower! I’m still dreaming about this cake. How cute is it?! And can you tell she’s having a girl? 😉

Last night on a whim, we went out to dinner with friends and I downed some fish tacos that are my faaaaav! They made me think of this recipe and how I need to make it again soon! 🙂



I’m going shopping this weekend and have my eye on a few things. Maybe I’ll snatch something like this up to keep in my closet for next year also!


I get to sleep in tomorrow! 🙂 A favorite for sure! Happy Friday!

P.S.- Since fresh veggies are right around the corner, I will be using this a lot more. I love it!

10 More Things

Last May I filled you in on some fun facts you may not know about me. If you’ve been following along for the past year or so, you most likely learned some new things along the way. For example, I no longer use peppermint mocha creamer in my coffee. 😉 You also may have learned that I’ve been a little busier in my kitchen than the previous year! If this is your first time reading my blog or if you have been reading since day one, here are 10 more facts for you! xo

  1. In our senior year of High School we voted on class superlatives and I was voted, “Best Hair.” 
  2. Over the last few months I have taken some pictures for Marian Parsons over at Miss Mustard Seed. I adore her blog and was so honored to be able to help her out.
  3. I’ll also be helping her out at Luckett’s this spring! If you are in that area, be sure to come check out her stand! You can find more info on her blog.
  4. I’m a perfectionist in a lot of ways and a “type A” personality all the way.
  5. One of my favorite go-to meals is a burger and red wine. So random, I know.
  6. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I might not have blonde haired children. It’s okay though, they’ll have a great Dad. You win some, you lose some. 😉
  7. One of my favorite memories from last summer was walking to an ice cream shop near our home. I’m way too excited about it reopening and also realizing that I should think about two workouts a day since my excitement is this high. 😉
  8. I’m not a huge fan of documentaries but I have really been into food ones lately.
  9. I’m in the process of writing an eBook for you. Keep an eye out for it!
  10. Since Eric and I have started dating (not even four years ago), we have been to over 20 weddings and have four coming up this year!

Happy second day of my last name. 😉

Work + Home

The lovely, “B” word. Balance. 😉 Between work and home, and everything in between, how do you find balance in your life? I’m not even close to having it figured out but I’ve also grown a lot in this area over the years. It’s a constant give and take and something I work at daily. But here’s what helps me and hopefully can help you in one way or another. 🙂

I have a planner and use it pretty often. Eric and I also use Google Calendar so we know what each other’s schedule is. I use both for work, home, etc. I like to be organized and I contribute a lot of it to having things planned out.

When I’m at work, I work and I try to not bring work home. I have my lesson plans laid out each week and try to use my time at school wisely. I also get to school about an hour and a half before the kids arrive. Mornings are my time. 🙂

You can find some of my favorite school things, here!

I plan out our meals for the week. I hate stopping at the grocery store more than I absolutely have to. I like taking one trip a week and that’s it. I list all the ingredients I need for that week’s meals and try not to stray too far from it.

In the evenings, Eric and I try to be intentional about eat dinner together, going for a walk, or doing something where our technology is put away and we are able to focus on us.

At the end of each day, we try to pick up as much as possibly. I like to wake up to a somewhat clean house so I don’t feel behind before the day even begins! You can read some of my organizing tips and tricks, here! A few things that have helped a lot in this area are this ottoman and these crates. SO many of you purchased the ottoman and I hope you are loving it!

What are some of your tips?!



Friday Favorites

 This week was so strange, but in such a good way. 😉 We had meetings on Monday, school was closed Tuesday and Wednesday because of snow, and I was at a conference Thursday. Therefore, today is the first day I’ll see my students and then it’s the weekend!

One.I ordered this sweater and love it! It’s so cozy and fits perfect!

Two.You know how we were on the search for an accent chair? We found one this one via the Magnolia Line!

Three.1. Farmers Market Sign 2. Plant 3. Spring Tea Towel 4. Dried Lavender 5. Antique Galvanized Double Bucket 6. White Pitcher 7. Preserved Eucalyptus Branches

Spring decor ladies and gents. Make it happen. 😉 Shop your heart out with all of these cute finds!


My Green Smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day!


I bought these bottles the other day to make some room spray…and now I can’t stop spraying it!  I used 15 drops of purification essential oil and filled the rest with water. So simple and fresh!

Happy St. Patricks Day and weekend! Stay warm! 🙂