Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 01Friday has not looked this sweet in a long time and I’m so glad we made it! 🙂 As always, I’m sharing my favorites with Erika, Narci, and Andrea!


Kate Spade Bangle

Kate Spade Bangle

My sweet friend Mace got me this bangle for my birthday and I have been mixing and matching it with all of my outfits lately. I love it! The message on it could not be any sweeter either. Mother’s day or bridal shower gift anyone? 😉

Two.Easter Basket

You know how I mentioned that one Easter Eric surprised me and made me an Easter basket? He completely surprised me and did it again this year! We were getting ready for our Good Friday service when I walked into the living room to find this! I love everything in this basket and this candle has been burning since Saturday. 🙂

Three.Actions lead, feelings follow.

Our pastor quotes this so often. In our world, we often expect the opposite and this week I have been reminded of what God expects of us. Our actions need to lead, and our feelings will then follow. Think about it. 🙂

Four.stephanie-spring.comOn Wednesday, one of my students showed up to my classroom with a dozen daffodils!  It was one of my favorite moments of the week! So sweet!

Five.Shirred Utility Blouse

I got a shirt really similar to this one from The Loft for Christmas and can’t seem to get enough of it lately! It’s been perfect for this time of year. It’s so light and comfortable and it’s becoming one of my favorites. Best of all: It’s on sale right! 🙂

I’m so thankful for weekends! Happy Friday!  🙂

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 01It’s Friday! I love linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea because it makes me look for the positives and favorites throughout the week. 🙂

One.stephanie-spring.comOn Saturday morning, Eric and I went to a coffee bar. It was amazing! The minimalistic decor was my favorite! (And the coffee!) 😉

Two. 2016-03-21_0002I loved creating a mix tape to my life. I got to reminiscing and decided to creating another playlist, here because there were too many favorites for just one post. 😉

Three. FullSizeRenderThis quote stuck out to me throughout the week and it was such a good reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Four.stephanie-spring.comYesterday, I was making strawberry (my fav fruit) anything and everything.

Five.stephanie-spring.comGreece is one of my favorite places. Starting on Sunday, I’m writing all about my favorite places to visit, eat, and do while I lived in Greece!

Happy Easter weekend everyone! 

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 01

I’m linking up with some of my favorites ladies, Erika, Narci, and Andrea for our Friday Favorites!

One.I started to revamp a lot of my skin care products. I’ve been searching for products without sulfates, GMO’s, etc. I talked about how I love First Aid’s Face Moisturizerhere and decided to try their face cleanser. BEST DECISION EVER! I’m in love and their products are now my favorites.


This book. I talked about how it is a favorite, here!

Three.Compassion International

Earlier this week I got a snail mail from my sponsor child in Peru. Enclosed with the letter was a precious picture of Elki with a track suit and shoes that he bought with the Christmas money I sent him. It was a favorite of my week. 🙂


 It has been close to almost 80 degrees all week…and it’s only March! We have taken walks, played tennis, drove with the windows down…warmer weather has always been a favorite.

Five. stephanie-spring.comPlanning and checking things off a list is a favorite of mine. At school, I have all of our PSSA review ready to go, report cards are done, and I started prepping some things from next year. Check, check, check. Favorite! 🙂

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Happy, happy, Friday everyone!

4 fridays