Calling All Lovebirds! you received a lovely engagement ring for Christmas this year, you’re probably already dreaming of dresses, details, and deadlines. View More: More: More: More: Eric and I were engaged, one of the easiest decisions during the wedding process was picking a photographer. There are SO many talented people out there! However, after attending my sister-in-law’s wedding, my best friend’s wedding, and seeing so many beautiful pictures…it was a no brainer. Sarah Brookhart was who we wanted to be our wedding photographer. 🙂

5P9A0263View More:’t she the cutest?! Sarah and I knew each other in college but it wasn’t until after college when she started pursuing photography, that I saw a lot more of her! 🙂 Sarah is fun, energetic, creative, and amazing at what she does! It was so reassuring to have your photographer become such a sweet friend during the entire engagement process. We completely trusted her input which allowed us to relax and have fun!  View More: of these lovely women above (and so many more!) chose Sarah to capture their special day. I love all of these ladies! 🙂View More: the engagement pictures to the wedding day, Sarah captured everything beautifully!View More: More: More:

Contact Sarah at and check “photographer” off your list. 😉