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I love early mornings and Jesus, cooking and coffee, navy blue and white stripes and traveling.

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The Toasted Pine Nut

Caramelized Onion, Bacon, and Gruyere QuicheRoasted Red Pepper Walnut DipCoconut Crusted Green Beans and Cashew DipPepper Shell TacosI’d say my passion for food has multiplied over the last year or two. Being balanced in every area of life is so ridiculously hard but so important and something I strive for. Food is no exception when it comes to balance. I love chatting with people about flavors, smells, textures, and health benefits of food. I love the memories surrounding food and the people who gather for it. I’m teaming up with The Toasted Pine Nut to share a few recipes that not only look delicious, but are delicious! She’s sweet as a button and her recipes will make you feel fit and fab with every bite! Take a look for yourself! 🙂 Mustard and Herb ShrimpLemon Chia Seed MuffinsChocolate Peanut Butter CupsHomemade Pecan Milk



Deserted Island + Medicine Cabinet Items

Island-finalIt would be a TON of fun to be stranded on a deserted island with Erika and Shay! I feel like we would never tire of things to chat about! There are definitely some things I would like to bring along though. If I could plan ahead, of course. 😉  This week, we’re talking all about medicine cabinet items! What are my go-to’s and my can’t live withouts?!

One. I’m obsessed with this stuff. I put it on my lips so many times throughout the day. I have it in my purse, on my desk at school, and on my nightstand. It would be along for the ride!

Two. I’m not sure if moisturizer technically counts as a medicine cabinet item so I decided two and three were a tie. 😉 (This is also another great moisturizer that I use every day. It never fails!)

Three. My allergies are insane! If I’m stranded, the least I can do is not be sneezing the entire time.

Four. I love, love, love this sunscreen and it would definitely make it on the list of things I would bring on an island. But ladies, I need your help!2016-04-10_0001

I’m trying to find a sunscreen with less toxins. I’ve heard great things about COOLA sunscreen, Lancer Sun ShieldArcona Sunscreen, Raw Elements Sunscreen, and MDSolarSciences.

Has anyone tried these? I’m up for any recommendations! 🙂

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Kitchen Diary + Giveaway!

stephanie-spring.com stephanie-spring.com stephanie-spring.com stephanie-spring.com I love how the smells and tastes of food can instantly bring back memories. The food we make now is creating memories for tomorrow and years to come. I want to remember what fed us and nourished us a year ago and why that recipe sticks out so much. When I mentioned the Kitchen Diary in my Friday Favorites, several of you commented how great you thought it was! It really is perfect for a bridal shower, wedding gift, or Mother’s Day! It takes ordinary recipes and instantly creates a special keepsake filled with memories attached to you and your family. Best of all, with a $25 shop credit, you could really put some extra mulah towards anything your heart desires in the Lily and Val shop! Be sure to enter below and tag friends on Instagram that you share special memories with. Let’s be honest, some of the fondest memories are made surrounding food. 🙂 stephanie-spring.com stephanie-spring.com To enter the Instagram part of rafflecopter, add your Instagram handle and make sure you follow me, as well as Lily and Val! 🙂

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