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stephanie-spring.comWhat is your favorite time of day?

7:00 a.m. is my absolute favorite! It still feels like an early morning but also late enough where I feel like I slept in. Mornings are my favorite in general!What is your philosophy on food?

I have a strong passion for healthy and organic eating. My goal is to always be eating clean, balanced, and real food. I like recipes with no preservatives and very few ingredients. Food should be nourishing and feeding our body on a daily basis with what we are putting in it! I hope this is reflected in the majority of my recipes!

Do you take your own pictures?

I do! There are a very small handful of pictures that photographers have helped with, but majority of the images on my blog are taken by me. I use a Nikon D3400 DSLR camera.

How did you and Eric meet?

Long story short, we were set up by friends, (even though I was in denial that it was a set up) dated for 11 months, and 8 months later we were married. I am thankful beyond words for him!  (And yes he’s very tall. 6’7” to be exact). 😉 

What color of blonde do you get in your hair?

My hairdresser mixes up blonde and then waits until it lifts. Easy peasy!

What is your favorite season?

Hand down, summer. I love everything about it! 

Do we want kids some day?

Yes, please! 🙂

Why did you start blogging?

Finding joy in the ordinary beauties of life led me to create this blog. It inspires me to be creative and passionate for the things and people I love the most. Most of all, I want this to be a space of inspiration and a reminder of God’s goodness in all elements of life.

Grab a cup of coffee, take a look around, and let’s chat!

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