9 months + winner

stephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comstephanie-spring.comEric and I aren’t big into celebrating month milestones. In fact, we really don’t. We’re more of the, “it’s-been-a-great-week, I-love-you, let’s-celebrate” couple. For some reason though, 9 months stuck out. Yesterday, was 9 months since we’ve been married.

I started thinking about the last 9 months and realized how it seems like such a long time and yet no time at all. I’m sure to anyone who is engaged, 9 months seems like an eternity and the couples that have been married 30 years, 9 months almost makes them laugh. Either way, it’s safe to say that the last 9 months have been the best. We have grown individually and as a couple and have learned how that works in a marriage. I’m so thankful for all of the lows that make us grow and for all of the highs that make the hard work worth it. Here’s to dancing through life for another 9 months (and more!) hand in hand!


Be sure to check here to see if you won the $25 credit to the Lily and Val store! Thank you SO much to everyone who entered! Love you all!